The Southern Early Holden Car Club is for enthusiasts of 48-215 (FX)
and FJ Holden cars, Hot or Stock

The Club began in March 1976. We meet at the South Oakleigh Bowling Club 1216 North Road, South Oakleigh on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm.

We participate in regular club runs, attend shows and discuss Holdens. So if you have an FX or FJ on the road or you are building one up, come along to a meeting for more information.


The Southern Early Holden Club was formed early in 1976 by a handful of members of the Early Model Holden Club of Victoria (EMHC), who lived in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. It was felt at the time that the EMHC was becoming too big and unworkable, with up to 60 or 70 people attending meetings. It was decided that a brother club should be formed to help promote the Early Holden cause and to cater better for people living in the southern suburbs of Melbourne.

The new club was based in Noble Park and grew quickly to boast a membership of over 30, of which approximately 10 were former EMHC members. In August 1976 a splinter group of about 15 members left to form another club which became known as the 'General's Holden Club'. This club eventually merged back into the Early Southern Holden Club some three years later.

During our earlier years, we were probably best known at Australian Early Holden Federation events as 'Those Drunks', and for a small club, was have sertainly had great success in our favourite club game, the 'Boat Race'...

Our club has always been run informally, with the emphasis focussed on having a good time, rather than chasing trophies or worrying about who has the better car. Many members have been in the club since the formative years, and are likely to continue to be around to promote the cause of Earlies for many years to come.